Fun and weird jobs I've had

Some jobs I never knew existed until I did them!

Sort of in chrono order...

1st ever job: during the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in high school I grew cucumbers on a contract with Paramount. Backbreaking work, but I earned enough to upgrade from my cornet to buy my first trumpet, a Bach Strad 37. Only $625! I was so nervous writing the check that I messed it up and had to write another. I thought for sure that horn would last me forever... hahahahahaha!

Still in high school I grew cucumbers one more year and tobacco for two years.

Other jobs:
Bank courier
McDonalds x 2
Subway x 3
Freezer picker for Market Day
Admin Assistant for a Tomato Brokerage
Shipt grocery delivery
Church administrative assistant and instrumental music ministry director
Cruise ship musician
US Air Force, stationed at the Pentagon
Substitute Teacher K-12
High School Band administrative assistant
Orchestra personnel manager (3 times)
Orchestra production manager